Photo by Johnny Crawford- Kitsch


Sam Icke - Vocals/Bass
Ben Crawford - Guitar/Vocals
Hadleigh Donald - Bass
Dan O'Neill - Drums


Band BiO

Smashing out pop rock sensibility with a punk rock attitude.

Retaining its core members for over two decades, Kitsch are now ready to deliver the next phase in their evolution, an album of epic depths, prepare yourself for PLastic LIves.

Tapping into modern states of mind, internet anonymity and global disruption, Plastic Lives comments on the rapidly changing information age and the recent development of online and offline personal identity and its effect on human civilisation.

Joining forces once again with audio magician Andrew Buckton combined with the recent recruitment of Hadleigh Donald (Bleeders/Cobra Khan) Kitsch are to bring the full noise of Plastic LIves to a stage near you.

Kitsch are a New Zealand rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. With 7 releases and over 1000 shows on big and small stages over 20 years, the Kitsch legacy is one of the longest serving and most dynamic in the Kiwi live music scene.

Listen to Zero Avenue from Plastic Lives.

Imagine a dark alley reeking of failure and self-loathing, this is where the hopeless gather, where the down and out luckless crows of society mingle … here on Zero Avenue.




"Plastic LIves"
Cat#: 1157 035
Released: 21st November 2014

01. Plastic Lives
02. Roads End
03. Low Six
04. Mouse Mouth
05. Last Of Your Kind
06. Buried Truth
07. Golden Gutters
08. Sunday
09. Timeless
10. Zero Avenue

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Track Listing

"Destroy The Lines E.P "
Cat#: 1157 024
Released: April 12th 2010

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Track Listing

01.Volunteer S.P.C.A
02.The Lines

"The Burning Ground "
Cat#: 1157 014
Released: August 15th 2005

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Track Listing:

01.InevitableVid Icon
02.Memory of Me download mp3
03.Broken Themes Vid Icon
04.Poison Ribbons, Poison Skies
06.Mature Angst
07.Sue Me
08.C02Vid Icon
09.Stay Right Here
10.Blood Type Heroine
11.The Day We Fall
13.The Burning Ground







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